The Legal documents you will need to be married.

You both need to be over 18 years of age and not necessarily Australian citizens.

You will need to complete a Notice of Intended Marriage form and have your signatures on this form witnessed by an authorised person (found on the back of the form). The form should be sent to me at least one month and one day prior to the date of your wedding after confirming that I am available on the date chosen. This form is current for 18 months and you can download it from

If you were born in Australia you will need your ORIGINAL Birth Certificate and if you cannot find it then you should apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages in the capital of the State where you were born for a new one. If you were born outside Australia you will need your original birth certificate and/or passport.

If you were previously married, and this marriage ended in divorce, you will need your ORIGINAL Decree Absolute and if you cannot find it then you need to apply to the Family Court where you were divorced for a new one.

I require photocopies of all relevant documentation to be mailed to me with the completed and witnessed N.I.M. form and then you MUST REMEMBER to bring all your original documents with you when you come to Ballina as I cannot marry you if these legal documents are not presented to me prior to the wedding.

The original documents can be sent to me with the Notice of Intended Marriage and I will hold them until your arrival for the wedding.

If you are born outside Australia, you will need an Overseas passport or a birth certificate translated into English (an Australian passport is not acceptable).

If you have been married before you will need decree absolute (final divorce papers) or a death certificate in English.

All of these papers must be bought with you on your arrival to Australia for sighting by the Celebrant. Please note that you cannot be married in Australia unless you have these original papers with you. You can obtain a Notice of Intented Marriage form from the Australian High Commission, Embassy or the Australian Foreign Affairs Department in your country or I can send it to you to download.

You will be given a presentation marriage certificate on your wedding day. You will need to obtain a stamped registered copy of your full legal marriage certificate from the registry office before leaving Australia. I can give you the necessary papers to do this.

If you are coming from the USA, U.K or NZ then you only need the stamped registered marriage certificate from the Sydney Registry Office. For all other countries, please review this information. Again I can assist you with this, as this stamp can not be obtained in your country. This is necessary in making your marriage legal anywhere in the world. This must be done before you leave Australia.