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The Marriage Ceremony

A choice of many romantic settings are available in this area. Beaches, lighthouses, country settings, river boats, parks etc are here to help you create that magical wedding. With your input, I will design a wedding ceremony to make your day a memorable and joyous occasion. I can give you some examples of ceremonies to choose from and you can bring your ideas to me and together we will create a ceremony that reflects your values and expectations of your married life together.

You may even wish to include traditions and rituals from other cultures or beliefs. You may choose to marry anytime from dawn to sunset or even midnight if that is your desire.

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Baby Naming Ceremony

A Baby Naming ceremony is an ancient tradition that is similar in every culture across the world. It is a happy ceremony and an alternative to a christening or baptism. It is a special way of celebrating the birth of your child, and welcoming the new arrival into the greater circle of family and friends, with the promise of love and support. It is a perfect way to bond a family unit.

Family and cultural traditions can be incorporated into the celebration, with special mention of grandparents involvement in the raising of the child. Parents often choose themes or ideas such as candle lighting, anointing with rose water, or planting of a tree in their naming day. Your child will receive a Naming Certificate. Godparents, guardians or mentors will receive a certificate as a keepsake.

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Renewal of Vows

This ceremony is to commemorate the years together & celebrate the milestones of your relationship. You may wish to renew your vows for numerous reasons. It is not a legal ceremony but an expression of love and dedication.

The format may be similar to that of a wedding ceremony with family and close friends involved as you reflect and enjoy shared experiences from previous years.

This ceremony can be as intimate and moving as your wedding, because this time the focus is on the service itself and your journey to date and your future hopes and dreams.

The Commitment Ceremony

A commitment ceremony is for couples who wish to affirm their relationship with a sense of permanence and stability. The format can be similar to that of a wedding ceremony without the legal requirements.

It allows you to have a ceremony with your life partner and to acknowledge the uniqueness of your relationship, and to share your joy with family and friends. For same sex couples this is an ideal ceremony to celebrate your commitment to each other. It is not a marriage.






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